Thursday, April 19, 2018


At some undisclosed time within the past few weeks, the Inspector General of the Justice Department issued a criminal referral to the Attorney General for prosecution against former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.  Not only has the DOJ kept that referral under wraps, it has to date refused to act upon it.  That would mean that either Attorney General Jeff Sessions or his Deputy, Rod Rosenstein, or both, have been sitting on it... obstructing justice.  

The Justice Department has also been presiding over failed attempts by Congress to obtain some 1.2 million documents related to Hillary Cinton's numerous nefarious activities, having delivered only 3,600 in the past year.  Only under the threat of impeachment has the Department of Justice made any attempt to  comply with Congressional oversight and the agency, along with the FBI, has gone to great lengths to subvert all attempts to get the facts.  

James Comey wrote seven memos following conversations with President Trump, and he subsequently surreptitiously leaked them to the media.  It is alleged that some of those documents contained classified or privileged information and Congress has been trying to get its hands on those memos for months.  Sessions and Rosenstein have refused to comply with repeated requests.  Congress then set a deadline for last Monday, declaring that contempt proceedings were in the offing.  The deadline passed, with Congress demanding delivery by Wednesday.  DOJ replied, saying they needed a few more days.  

How long does it take to prep and review seven documents?  

It is clear to anyone and everyone that both the DOJ and FBI are obstructing justice at every turn.  How many documents have they been able to alter or destroy already during this process?  

Both Jeff Sessions and his sidekick, Rod Rosenstein, need to be fired immediately.  By his failure to do so, President Trump is becoming unwittingly complicit in the coverup.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


I can remember the days when we were all Americans in this country.  We may have had some differences, but we always managed to put them aside in order to put God and our country first.  

In those days, some Mexicans crossed the border illegally and worked in the fields picking crops.  They kept to themselves, went about their back-breaking manual labor, and quietly went back across the border when the crops went dormant for the winter.  And, life went on.  

One day, some Democrat saw the opportunity to actually encourage Mexicans to cross the border; he or she, whoever it was, saw the potential in stacking the political deck by bringing in hoards of Mexicans to provide all kinds of cheap labor while, at the same time, registering some more Democrats.  In short, illegal Mexicans became a manipulated commodity for the good of the Democrat Party.  

This is why the Democrats scream bloody murder when we ask for identification at the voting polls; it's not about protecting civil rights, it's about keeping the rest of America in the dark about their scurrilous scheme to gain control of the nation's government.  This is also why the Democrats managed to install barriers to prevent the Border Patrol from doing its job in keeping illegals out.  This is why they handcuffed ICE and other law enforcement officials, using the courts to prevent the deportation of illegals.  Finally, by allowing and actually arranging for drug cartel money to be funneled into the pockets of judges and politicians, they rigged the system to ensure there would be no way to stop their illicit scheme.  

In the process, our cities have been ridden with rampant crime.  The cartels have extended their filthy tentacles into every city and every facet of our society.  

In short, we are under siege.  

There are some people in the country who don't want to put up with the scourge.  We think that declaring some cities and states to be sanctuaries where the illegals can hide out and base their operations from is not only against the law, it is destroying our country.  How do the Democrats respond to our angst?  They send forth one Governor Jerry Brown to stand up on the stage of righteousness and point his bony finger at us and call us "low life."  

Monday, April 09, 2018


It seems to be such a farce... Some Congressional Committee demands that the FBI or the DOJ provide documents by a certain date; the date passes and nothing happens.  When any documents are produced, they are redacted to the point of absurdity.  And the Republicans?  Well, they rant, they rave, they mumble, they wring their wrists, they whine, they blame Rod Rosenstein, they make eloquent speeches and absolutely nothing happens.  

In fact, you don't hear even a peep of anger from Ryan, McConnell or Graham... or very few other Republicans, meaning the FBI, DOJ and DOS coverups are just fine with them.  

This has been going on for 15 months. Why in the Sam hell did we elect these incompetent twits to office anyway?  

So, they issue a subpoena.  Big deal.  The FBI and/or the DOJ just simply flip them the big one.  That ominous Statute of Limitations is running, folks.   Somebody needs to light fires under their asses... like yesterday.  

Friday, April 06, 2018


Nancy Pelosi is saying that "when" the Democrats win back the House and Senate in November, their first item of business will be to repeal the Trump tax cuts. 

Of course, every American knows that every last Democrat voted against the tax cuts.  They're also the party that voted God off of their political platform.  

Friday, March 30, 2018


NEWSMAX is reporting that more than 22,000 people on ObamaCare have died while waiting for medical services.  Current Medicaid waiting lists are estimated to be around 650,000 individuals, according to a Foundation for Government Accountability report, and includes states such as Ohio, where 62,118 are waiting for approval.  

And our Republican Congress couldn't... or wouldn't... get ObamaCare repealed.  

Monday, March 26, 2018


Just like any other politician does when he's caught screwing the American people who elected him, Trump was quick to point the finger of blame at somebody else.  Congress made him do it.  He didn't have a choice.  He needed the military funded, so he was in a corner. 

Never mind that he had said, after it was passed by the House, that he was in favor of the Bill and would probably sign it.  Never mind that he never said one word about having his back to the wall before the Senate passed it.  Never mind that many Republicans had come out against the Bill and had, in fact, voted against it.  Never mind that he could have vetoed it and explained why, and called Congress back into session to get it straight.

Trump signed it.  He knew what he was doing when he signed it.  Like the evildoers who wrote and passed the Bill, he immediately left town after he signed it.  Evidently, just as with his predecessor, the buck stops anywhere except on the Oval Office desk. 

It was a setup, pure and simple.  And we're supposed to shut up and take it. 

I believe in supporting the man I voted for, but not when he turns his back and lies to the American people.  He's become a turncoat.  He and Ryan and McConnell have done the country a horrible disservice that I will never, ever forget.  

Friday, March 23, 2018


We obviously will never see a border wall.  

Kowtowing to the Democrats is more important.  

All of which means there will never be an indictment or prosecution of Obama, Clinton, or their minions.  

It's all just one big farce perpetrated on the American public.  

To hell with this government.

To hell with "Make America Great Again."


Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Several high school students in Kentucky have volunteered to take down the U.S. flag everyday, fold and tuck it, and store it for the next day.  The process isn’t a school project, and a teacher didn’t ask for volunteers to do it. 

Cameron Carroll, Cara McWhirk and Jack Koontz  say it's about respect and it makes them feel proud for doing something positive for their community.

It's been many, many months since I've been able to post a blog with such a refreshing and great piece of Americanism.  

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Seeing the results of the Pennsylvania Congressional election, Speaker Paul Ryan is now running around like Chicken Little, proclaiming that the Republicans had better watch out because they could lose control of the House in November.  He could very well be right.


Americans elected Trump because they are sick and tired of "business as usual" in Washington.  But, Ryan and his progressive establishment GOP good old boy cohorts, while lying that they support Trump, are doing everything possible to subvert his agenda.  They're certainly not team players to say the least.  Seeing Trump's plans are being stalled and stymied at every turn, Americans are now ready to cast them all out into oblivion.

A few of them, recognizing the handwriting could be on the wall, have already decided not to run for reelection; others are sitting on a fence praying for a miracle.  Americans are deciding that if such an incumbent won't get out of the way or change his/her ways, they simply won't vote in November and Democrats will win seats by default.

Here we are, over 17 months after Trump won the election, and these jackasses still don't get the message.  They'd rather the country go down in flames than to accept the blame.