Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Ann Coulter was invited by students to speak at U.C. Berkeley, but the administration decided to cancel her appearance for "security" reasons.  After an uproar, they agreed to reschedule her appearance... in May after classes are out and students have left the campus.  At her insistence, citing freedom of speech at what was once the bastion of Free Speech in the 1960's, she is now slated to speak Thursday night.  

Ominously, law enforcement sources are saying that regardless of whether or not she actually shows up,   there is a “99 percent” chance that the college will erupt in violence.  In fact, extremist groups from across the country are heading to Berkeley.  

To add to the threat, it appears that there is deep discord between the Berkeley Police Department and the city government, led by Jesse Arreguin, (the 32-year-old newly elected mayor facing his first major test in running a large city).  Arreguin has been accused of supporting left-wing violence because he is a member of the group By Any Means Necessary, or BAMN, an anarchist group that has incited violent protests across the country. The mayor was criticized for basically handcuffing police officers who patrolled the recent April 15th tax day riot which resulted in 11 injuries, including a stabbing. Critics said he restricted police officers so much they could not do their job.

And, my friends, we are to blame for tolerating this open and flagrant insurrection.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017


According to recent news reports, Obama's CIA Director John Brennan solicited help from and worked with foreign spies in an effort to sway the 2016 election to Hillary Clinton. Brennan wanted to keep his job so he enlisted the help of foreign spies from the United Kingdom and Estonia to help get Trump out of the way.  At the same time, he put together a phony case for a multi-agency investigation into Trump, thereby allowing top Obama officials, like Susan Rice, to spy on Trump and his team.

In order to ensure maximum political damage for Trump, Brennan leaked key pieces of the investigation to the media—including his closed-door briefings to eight Senators, which wound up on the front pages of The New York Times.

Evidently afraid that the scheme might be revealed after Trump won the November elections, Brennan and other top Obama officials conspired to accuse Trump and his team of having used a Russian connection to sabotage Clinton's campaign.  Of course, the rest of the Democrats and the liberal media jumped right on the ploy.  Obviously, they felt that the best defense against getting caught was to throw out a h-u-g-e red herring.  

Monday, April 24, 2017


The liberal left and the media have been in cahoots with each other for years now, trying to wipe conservatism and Americanism off the face of the earth.  They have been actively trying to trash Freedom of Speech in this country by marginalizing and shouting down anyone and everyone who dares to challenge their anti-American agendas.  

Although they have been egged on and funded to a large extent by George Soros, they have also willingly morphed themselves from being people who disagree with some fundamental principles of American Democracy into becoming willing to burn, riot, plunder and destroy people, buildings and idealism in order to bring the country to its Constitutional knees.  

We are to blame for allowing them to get away with it, and it simply has to stop.  

Friday, April 21, 2017


Now that we have a pro-gun President, people seem to be less concerned about losing Second Amendment rights; background checks declined in January for the second consecutive month.  

Well, that should make the liberals happy.  However, it's not really a good idea.  What if Kim Jong-un manages to get a garbage scow over to the West Coast and light off a firecracker or deploy 150 goose-steppers?  100 million or more gun owning Americans might not be able to fend them off.  

I'm not going to preach that every American should have a gun.  But, I am going to preach that every American  should think about and be prepared to implement a strategy of self-defense should the occasion ever arise.   For example, it never ceases to amaze me how many women get kidnapped, raped and worse... while jogging along vulnerable roads and paths with absolutely no means of self-defense.  

Enough said?  

Thursday, April 20, 2017


Yesterday, I said the shootings in Fresno were a terrorist act.  I've taken some heat for that and the national media is playing the situation as being simply racist oriented.  The man professed to be, and acted like, a Muslim.  He shot four people; regardless of color, he intended to shoot many more.  He hollered "Allahu Akbar."  I standby my statement.  

We cannot allow the idiotic media in this country to cover it up any longer.  We're faced with radical Islamic terrorism in this country... period.  DHS Secretary John Kelly says our threat level is as high, if not higher, than it was on 9/11: “The threat to our nation and our American way of life has not diminished.  In fact, the threat has metastasized and decentralized, and the risk is as threatening today as it was that September morning almost 16 years ago." 

Maybe you think you can't do anything about it, but you're wrong.  Not only can you keep your eyes and ears open, but you can also get damned vocal about your concerns with your Congressional delegates and with your friends and neighbors.  We need to raise the level of awareness in this country and we need to stop being patsies and sitting ducks... or we'll be to blame.  

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


A man in Fresno went on a shooting spree yesterday, killing three while proclaiming "Allahu Akbar!"  

These terrorist acts by radical Islamic cells and lone wolves are occurring all too frequently in our country.  Yet, where is the outrage? 

We have been told time and again to tone it down, don't pick on the Muslims.  "Not all Muslims are bad," it is rationalized.  Well, I don't hear any outrage from the Muslim community, either.  As a matter of fact, it's been ominously silent from that sector. 

Kori Ali Muhammad was already wanted for killing a security guard at a Motel 6 the week before.  He was also known to have posted radical statements on his Facebook account.  

Of course, the sentiment is always that if they can find a way to stop suck acts of terrorism in the future, they'll jump at at.  How about some good old-fashioned religious profiling, some monitoring of social media accounts, some reporting of friends or associates of people who exhibit terrorist tendencies and some tips from the so-called "peaceful" Muslim communities? 

We're to blame for accepting these acts as being the "new normal." 

Monday, April 17, 2017


This country was founded on some pretty strong principles, among them being the principle that you have every opportunity to prove your innocence in a Court of law but that, once found guilty, you pay for your crimes.  Fairness and equal justice for all have been hallmarks of our nation for time immemorial.  Yet, we now once again find ourselves in the situation where we see crime and corruption in our government and this time, we don't do anything about it. 

Why is that?  

Don't give me the bull that you can't fight city hall.  This is our country at stake.  If there is crime and corruption at the very top echelons of the country, what can we expect from the trickle down effect? 

So, we have to do something about it. 

I mean, when Nixon screwed up, we went right after him.  But,  when Clinton screwed up, we let her off the hook and, frankly, her screw ups were far worse than Nixon's. 

It bugs the hell out of me that her "indiscretions" have not been thoroughly and properly investigated.  You and I know she deserves to be in jail, so why isn't she?  Why has Trump ignored it?  Why has Congress ignored it?  We know the FBI is as crooked as hell these days, but what about the Department of Justice under Sessions?  

If we don't pound our fists down and demand some answers... who IS to blame?  

Thursday, April 13, 2017


Just a few weeks ago, James Comey told Congress and the world that there was no truth to President Trump's assertion that his team had been bugged under the Obama administration.  And he insisted that he had no knowledge of a FISA warrant ever being issued to authorize such surveillance.  If any such bugging took place, he would have us believe, the FBI was not to blame for it. 

Now we learn through a WASHINGTON POST investigation that the FBI requested, and was issued, a FISA warrant to monitor Carter Page, a Trump advisor, for alleged "ties to Russia."    

The FBI has obviously been politicized.  What was once a bastion of honesty and integrity in America has relegated itself to the cesspool of Washington knavery.