Monday, December 11, 2017


California's illustrious Governor Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown, the guy in charge of a state that just allowed the illegal-alien killer of Kate Steinle off the hook, the guy who just signed into law a bill that makes California a "sanctuary state" that harbors illegal alien criminals and defies Federal and Constitutional law, the guy who just raised gas taxes so he can build a bullet-train to nowhere that nobody wants, the guy who just signed legislation that makes it illegal for a school superintendent to allow selected holders of concealed-carry permits to carry guns on campuses just days before an attempted mass shooting at an elementary school in northern California... yeah, that guy... 

He now comes forth to the high pulpit of worldly propriety in his elitist, pioused way and proclaims:  Trump doesn't believe in God, doesn't fear the Lord... because he refuses to do anything about climate change. 

Give me a break.  


Friday, December 08, 2017


America's press and media has become so unreliable and distrustful that it should no longer be protected by the Constitution.  If they print or otherwise disseminate demonstrably phony, false and malicious news... people need to go to jail.  


Wednesday, December 06, 2017


It's been traditional for years that when new presidents take office, they clean house the day they take the oath of office, particularly when Democrats take over from a Republican administration.  Obama fired everybody within sight.  Trump, on the other hand, did not; either he didn't want to cut a bunch of employees out of their jobs, or he depended too much on the advice of some of the "establishment" idiots he put into upper-level positions.  When the Democrats woke up and realized that Hillary had lost the election even though "the fix was in,"  they scrambled like hell to find a way to scuttle the election results or at least to take Trump out of the presidency before he could get the Oval Office seat warm. 

By the time he got around to firing Comey, the Comey, Lynch, Obama, Clinton mafia had managed to establish a well-thought-out plan to stop Trump from accomplishing anything significant and they had solidified positions of spies and anti-Trump operatives within the new administration.  The entire establishment, Republicans included, joined forces to "dump Trump."  In this process, Sessions recused himself from anything to do with Russia and Mueller ended up in charge of offense with his Special Counsel goon squad. 

Mueller, it seems, was put in charge of getting something on Trump... anything... that they could use to file impeachment charges against him.  The game plan was, and still is, make the Republicans look like nitwits so that they'll lose their Congressional seats to the Dems in 2018.  With a Democrat-controlled House and Senate, and using the results of Mueller's "investigation,"  the move for Trump's impeachment and removal from office could be underway early in 2019 and nobody could stop it.  

Contrary to what the "establishment" would have us believe, Mueller was not and is not an "upstanding, fair and level-headed, impartial"  individual.  He didn't create an evenly balanced investigative team; he loaded his office up with  donors to the Democrat Party and the Clinton campaign.  And when he realized that one of his henchmen, Peter Strzok, was about to be exposed for what he really was, Mueller fired him and didn't bother to tell anyone.  

Well, the whole damned farce is now crumbling and about to be fully exposed for all of us to see. 

Blame Trump, I guess.  Blame us as well.  If Trump hadn't been elected, they reason, none of these shenanigans would have been necessary.  

Monday, December 04, 2017


Hillary Clinton, as we all know in our hearts and minds, was guilty of the four Benghazi massacres and the lies and coverup that followed.  She sold power and favors left and right out of the Secretary of State's office in return for healthy contributions to the Clinton Foundation and to this day there has been no accounting as to what happened to the hundreds of millions of dollars that ended up in those coffers.  She used her private Email server to hide her communications regarding these transactions and "lost" over 30,000 of them when the facts started to ooze out.  And when it became known that she used multiple cellphones for the same reason, she had them all smashed with hammers.  

When it was learned that there were classified documents on her private Email server, she had her hard drive "bleached" to permanently erase everything on it.  She and the Obama administration, the FBI and NSA in particular, arranged to spy on top conservatives including members of the Trump campaign using a phony "dossier" as a pretext for lifting the lid of secrecy off of protected wiretaps.  It even appears that, using the offices of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and associated Pakistani computer technology hacks, she was able to find out what Members of Congress were doing.  Violating all kinds of national security laws and regulations, Clinton and her mafia sold 20% of our uranium to the Russians and pocketed another $149 million in the Clinton Foundation bank accounts.  

But you can't blame Hillary for anything.  She owned, and still does own it appears, the FBI, the DOJ, and the DOS;  all three of them are stonewalling inquiries from Congress and getting away with it.  

But put forth two iconic American generals, Petraeus and Flynn,  and they get crucified for the smallest of infractions.  

Where's our moral conscience in this country, anyway? 

Friday, December 01, 2017


They're not working!  They never have worked!  

What are you waiting for?  Do you have it in your feeble minds that some female is going to come forward and accuse Kim Jong Un of sexual misconduct and he'll have to resign?  Or, are you waiting for him to fire off a missile at us? 

Do something, dammit, before it's too late!  


Wednesday, November 29, 2017


Yes, she said it and she meant it: Nancy Pelosi said that John Conyers is is an icon of the Democrat Party. 

Not only is he above and beyond reproach, she would have you believe, but the party looks up to him as being a standard bearer for what they epitomize and admire. That surely tells you everything you need to know about the Democrats, doesn't it?  They're a party of sleaze and disgust... period. 

The sad part of all of this is that the Republicans in Congress are not one damned bit better. 

They're all to blame for this nasty, irresponsible, holier-than-thou culture, and they're all in bed with the devil.  What a disgrace!

Monday, November 27, 2017


There have been many cases where felonious shooters were found to have been able to obtain guns because they passed a background check and should not have.  It appears that the Justice Department under Loretta Lynch issued orders to the effect that only perpetrators who had committed crimes while crossing state lines could be included on the federal list of persons prohibited from buying or owning guns.  So, a whole lot of names were dropped from the list. 

And they want to blame us... law abiding citizens... for the resulting gun violence?  

Attorney General Jeff Sessions now wants to investigate the background check system and see how it can be improved.  I'm all for getting the names of those who are too much of a danger to society deemed onto the Federal list.  And, I'm all for making the program more effective and stronger.  I can't speak for the NRA, but I suspect they feel the same way. 

But, we have to be careful about this.  We have to be able to find an expeditious method for a person to have his/her name removed from the list if it got onto the list by mistake.  That's my only caveat. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Both Hillary Clinton and Kathy Griffin are down in the dumps; it's going to be a totally rotten Thanksgiving for them because they are both unemployed... and it's Donald Trump's fault. 

In Hillary's case, she got outsmarted by her own scheming.  She trusted those dirty rotten Russians from the day she pressed the "reset" button with them, to the day she connived to sell them a bunch of our uranium and enrich her "foundation" coffers, to the deals which made with them to help her out in the 2016 presidential elections.  With their help and her newly-found millions socked away in that "foundation," she was absolutely certain she would win, but she evidently didn't buy off all of the right people. 

So, Hillary didn't win and now nobody wants anything to do with her.  Just mention her name in the top echelon of the Democrat Party and everyone in the room scrambles to crawl under the carpet.  

As for Kathy, her career in the comedy business was lackluster at best, so she decided to play a prank on Donald Trump and gain some notoriety in the process.  She made this phony Trump head depicting him as being beheaded and then trotted it out for the whole world to see, dripping blood and everything.   The public was repulsed, she said it was all meant to be a joke, venues started to cancel her appearances, she admitted it was a mistake and then said it was not a mistake and... well, the whole incident has morphed into being Trump's fault; he's the real asshole of the day.  That all being said, now she can't buy her way into a stage anywhere in the country and she's... penniless. 

Both Hillary and Kathy are peas of the same pod and would be quick to claim that no woman has ever suffered the trauma dumped down on them like the ruthless and cruel Trump crap has been. 

And so it is... The Donald is giving them both The Bird for Thanksgiving this year.  


Monday, November 20, 2017


If I've heard it once, I've heard it a million times: "What in God's name has happened to our country?"  

Well, you're not going to like the answer, but in your heart you will know that I am correct.  What has happened is that we have not taken care of our country.  Like a crop, you can't just plant the seeds, walk away and expect them to grow and produce without coming back to water them, fertilize them, weed them, chase insects and predators away and keep them from getting diseases.  You have to work your tail off every day to protect them and nourish them.  

Frankly, we've treated our country like it really doesn't exist.  We're worse than dog owners who throw their dogs out into the back yard on cold and snowy nights. 

And we... we are the only ones who can make things better.  

Friday, November 17, 2017


I cannot for the life of me fathom a Congress or a Department of the Justice who can look at the Clinton Mafia and say with a straight face, "There is insufficient evidence there to warrant a Special Counsel."  They then turn around and look at the Robert Mueller abuse of his position as he chases down a supposed Trump "collusion" claim without being able to produce one shred of evidence, and they simply shrug their shoulders.  I include Congress, Sessions and the media.  

The fix is in.  They have no intentions of ever cleaning up graft and corruption in Washington.  It's all a big sham.  

What's worse is that we seem to be sitting still for it.